Applied Research & Technology.

Austn is specialized in Mobile Apps Development. With a focus on research extension projects, we believe technology is the hinge for a larger reach, better results and improved sustainability.

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Artificial Intelligence

Smart Disease Detection


Smart Disease Detection is a platform developed by Austn to help agricultural producers better identify diseases on the field. Besides presenting complete information on the diseases affecting a particular commodity, SDD also provides a leaf scanning tool that integrates state-of-the-art Machine Learning models to extract features and classify the potential diseases affecting a leaf. Users can contact phytopathologists and extension agents to help analyze the ML model predictions. The SDD platform also sends alerts via push notifications to regions with critical diseases occurrences and/or favorable weather conditions for disease development.

Irrigation Management

Irrigator Pro

Flint River SWCD USDA-ARS National Peanut Research Lab University of Georgia

Irrigator Pro provides growers of peanuts, corn and cotton with a simple tool to determine when to irrigate to ensure optimal crop growth while minimizing irrigation costs and nutrient leaching.

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